Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Aaah the Chanel Jacket. Possibly one of the most recognisable, sought-after, distinguished and expensive fashion garments of the last century. The tweed Chanel represents everything couture fashion should do. Style, sophistication, elegance - and when appropriate, an independant twist, as seen on Blake Lively on the cover of October Instyle- wearing a jacket most Shopistas would kill for, holes and all.
There is a certain fashion status that is also maintained through the wearing of a Chanel jacket. From Upper East Side society queens to the gangsta-esque of rapper chicks, when they all want to look their finest, no doubt a bit of the old Chanel Couture is brought out to work its charm. The jacket's styling has been evolved over the decades, particularly under Kaiser Karl Lagerfeld's guidance, which results in a seasonal change of tempo, but the continuation of fashion's beating drum.
While for many Shopistas the dream of owning the real deal when it comes to the Chanel tweed is but indeed a dream, luckily the sharp pencils of the designers on high street are always poised to bring us the look for a lot less!
So soak up the fab ambiance of Chanel's latest campaign below, then check out some of the fab 'inspiration' pieces also available for us mere (but no less fabulous) mortals to enjoy! 

Happy Shopping! x

Coco Chanel. Oozed style from start to finish.

Get Blake's look with this Topshop Velvet Boucle Jacket approx AUD $92.62 - BUY HERE

Rebecca Taylor Boucle Tweed Jacket USD $495 - BUY HERE

Topshop Grosgrain Ruffle Boucle Jacket Approx AUD $92.62 - BUY HERE

D.A. Daniele Alesssandrini Blazer USD $270 - BUY HERE

Steffen Schraut Green/Camel BouclĂ© Short Jacket approx AUD $389.72 - BUY HERE

DKNY Blazer USD $95 - BUY HERE

Thanks to Peter Alexander, we can even bring couture to the bedroom with the French Couture PJ Top AUD $39.90 - BUY HERE

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