Monday, 12 March 2012

For the love of Tory....

Tory Tory Tory!
No Sleuth hasn't gone mad, although IS slightly obsessed with US label Tory Burch....and everything it embodies. 
From the coveted fashion (especially those monogrammed flats!) to the fabulous store interiors and even the punchy graphics on the TB shopping bags, this is a label that is going somewhere, fast!
In case you aren't familiar with Tory Burch, she is a New York socialite with all the trimmings, three gorgeous model-esque children, the amazing homes, and the filthy rich (now ex) husband. Not content just living the NYC socialite dream, Tory started to delve into the fashion archives of her uber-chic mother's wardrobe, along with other tear sheets from era's past and came up trumps, being inspired to start her own label in 2004 from her multi-million dollar NYC apartment. Fast forward to 2012, and TB has achieved more in 8 years than most labels can hope to achieve....well....ever!
The Tory difference? Not only does she have her signature emblem down-pat (and let's face it, if you want to be an uber-global brand, selling off your signature is pretty key), the real success of the TB label has been through her accessible price points, fabulous styling and of course, word of mouth, with the label yet to delve into magazine advertising. 
Now with 36 global stores and an online mecca, Tory continues her fashion world-domination, with clothing, shoes, accessories, swim and bags among her covetable lines.
Sleuth set up camp in two of Tory's stores in Waikiki, Hawaii - and took many (covert) pictures for Shopistas to relish in. And then of course there is the fashion....bless the fashion! Below are some of Sleuth's hot picks from what's online in Tory-land.  
Tory, Tory, Tory!!

Happy Shopping! x
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Tory Burch Waikiki, Hawaii - Sleuth could move right on in!

Sleuth's top Tory Burch fashion picks -

Tory Burch Terrero Long Caftan AUD $335 - BUY HERE

Tory Burch 'Amanda' Cross-Body Bag AUD $427 - BUY HERE

Tory Burch Poppies Silk Scarf AUD $187 - BUY HERE

Tory Burch 'Hook' Leather Wrap Bracelet AUD $93 - BUY HERE

Tory Burch's signature Nappa Leather Reva Flats AUD $187 - BUY HERE

Tory Burch Gingham Cocktail Rings AUD $142 each - BUY HERE

Tory Burch Marion Jacket AUD $525 - BUY HERE

Tory Burch Wide Resin Logo Cuff AUD $175 - BUY HERE

Tory Burch Leather Logo Animal Print Belt AUD $195 - BUY HERE

Tory Burch Square Sunglasses AUD $162 - BUY HERE

Tory Burch Curtis Tweed Dress AUD $442 - BUY HERE

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