Monday, 4 June 2012

God Save The Queen (and her jewels!)

Happy Diamond Jubilee Your Majesty!

Fashion trends come and go, year after year, decade after decade. Celebrities come and go as well, one minute they are hottie hot hot, having their name screamed from the fan bleachers at the Oscars and hunted like foxes by the paparazzi, then the next thing they are yesterday's news and popping up on infomercials.  
However there has been one constant for Sleuth's generation, and for many more before and (hopefully) many after, that is beyond celebrity or trend....Queen Elizabeth the Second.
She has been a constant in life really. From her stately wave, to the way she has elegantly dressed, to the way in which she is able to speak to many doting followers at once without seeming glazed by the fact that she probably meets and greets more people in a week than any of us mere mortals would in a lifetime!
Another constant from our reigning monarch has been her way to display such incredible jewels without being overburdened by them. She wears the bling, the bling doesn't wear her!

To celebrate 60 years of amazing royal eye candy (of the jewelled kind that is), Sleuth has compiled a collection of sparklers that are more in Shopistas price range (although the Krupp diamond is still on the 'wish list'!)

Check out Sleuth's jewelled selection HERE or click the Pinterest logo below :)

Happy Shopping! xS

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