Friday, 26 August 2011

Celebrating the September issue by subscribing the world over!

The September Issue. The magazine issue that Shopista's from around the world wait for with baited anticipation, to see the hot trends taking us into the year's celebratory months. 
A documentary chronicling the life of US Vogue's September issue helped show the blood, sweat and tears that are poured into fashion magazines the world over for this coveted month, with the Northern Hemisphere looking to see what direction their winter months will be taking, and the Southern Hemisphere excited to see the inspiration that local designers have taken for the summer months. 
Looking back at The September Issue in all its fashionable glory...

Pink appears to have been the cover flavour of the September season this year, with the colours and imagery of both the Aussie mags and the internationals predicting an exciting season ahead!
If like Sleuth, Shopista finds herself with quite a hefty monthly magazine bill once she has purchased her dose of fashion from across the globe, subscribing to your favourite editions not only saves you quite a chunk of your Shopista spending money, but also ensures the latest and greatest in the fashion world is delivered direct to your door.
Below is a selection of Sleuth's favourite fashion mags, available for Shopista to subscribe to and enjoy fab fashion all year round! 

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Happy Shopping! x

US Vogue - Shopista's #1 bible for all things fashion, style and well.....Vogue! 12 issues for US $70 - BUY HERE

Harper's Bazaar US 12 issues AUD $40 - BUY HERE

For Australia's definitive voice in fashion - Vogue Australia 12 issues $59 (42% saving) - BUY HERE

With a strong focus on showcasing both local & international designers (as well as having a comprehensive online store coverage) STYD is basically having a fabulous shopping catalogue delivered monthly, providing you with everything from fashion & beauty to fab homewares at your fingertips. Shop Til You Drop, 12 issues $59.95 (36% saving) - BUY HERE

One of Sleuth's favourites, UK Elle has a distinctive British voice on all things fashion and beauty. 12 issues approx AUD $128 - BUY HERE 

Harper's Bazaar Australia, renowned for beautiful imagery and drool-worthy designer looks. 
10 issues AUD $39.95 (53% saving) - BUY HERE

Marie Claire Australia, mixing fashion with a modern voice on all things female. 
AUD $59.95 (41% saving) - BUY HERE

A Shopista's guide to new-season beauty, Allure is the beauty bible with a fashionable edge.
 Allure 12 issues USD $40 - BUY HERE

Taking inspiration from the US edition, Australian Instyle mixes both local and international fashion with celebrity, resulting in a monthly catch-up of what's hot right now.
 12 issues AUD $79.95 (20% saving) - BUY HERE

Madison, one of Australia's premiere fashion magazines mixing in all things Shopista - shopping, stories and what's news from around the world. 12 issues AUD $69.95 - BUY HERE

For fun, and for fashion, US Marie Claire is a mag mixing hot topics with hot looks, 12 issues USD $39 - BUY HERE

US Elle 12 issues USD $76 - BUY HERE

Vogue UK 12 issues approx AUD $188 - BUY HERE

W Magazine - always fab for fashion photographs with a difference (remember Brad and Angelina's 'family' portraits, before he'd even split with Jen!? W - always one for controversy!) 12 issues USD $97 - BUY HERE


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