Friday, 19 August 2011

Portmans packs a punch - and gets into the online game

My how times have changed. From the days of Alison Brahe (for those Shopistas unfamiliar with Ms Brahe, she was THE 90's pin up girl for Aussie fashion - cute, fun and wholesome to boot!) and high-waited pleated shorts worn back with a singlet, camping socks and boots (no, we're not talking workmen here!) - Portmans has certainly upped the ante!
While the label traditionally eponymous with 'suiting' and dull, boring bits that every working wardrobe required but no Shopista liked buying, the transformation from forgettable to fabulous is now complete. It has been a staged process, where the label has not only overhauled its fashion collection, but the brand image and store fit-out as well. And with Aussie uber-model Abby Lee Kershaw returning as this season's face (complete with snow-bleached locks), there wasn't anything missing in this facelift before the label had a completely new persona..... 
Abby Lee - smokin' in her Portmans getup!

Except for the the most important part of all really - internet shopping!
After much infuriation felt by Shopistas nationwide (and the world over!), Portmans has finally got things moving in the cyber world, allowing Shopistas to prowl through the new arrivals without having to get the elbows out on a Saturday morning to beat the crowd. 
So Shopista can now peruse Portmans at her leisure, day and night. 

Now moving focus to the real core of the Portmans makeover, the fashion. 
Sleuth is loving the print selection currently available in-store, with Portmans really pulling away from other retailers in their sector when it comes to providing on-trend, price friendly pieces in fab prints that are easy additions to Shopista's wardrobe. Below are some of Sleuth's picks from the online offering from Portmans, believing it's a great start to what is sure to be a comprehensive online offering.  

Happy Shopping! x

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The re-invigorated Portmans site - visit HERE

Cropped Sequin Tank AUD $99.95 - BUY HERE

Lady Bow Textured Skirt $89.95 - BUY HERE

Silk Drape Shoulder Top AUD $89.95 - BUY HERE 

Cut Out Fan Elastic Belt AUD $24.95 - BUY HERE

Stephanie Concave Midi Skirt AUD $79.95 - BUY HERE

Tassle Saddle Bag AUD $24.95 - BUY HERE

Floral Concave Dress AUD $89.95 - BUY HERE

Faggotting Trim Shirt AUD $69.95 - BUY HERE

Floral Printed Belted Midi Skirt AUD $69.95 - BUY HERE 

Origami One Shoulder Dress AUD $149.95 - BUY HERE

Rustic Paisley Boho Scarf AUD $29.95 - BUY HERE

Stripe Trapeze Maxi Dress AUD $79.95 - BUY HERE

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