Tuesday, 31 January 2012

SWLS - Sleek Closet Cleansing for a Chic New Year!

Happy New Year Shopistas!
Firstly, welcome to a new year of exciting fashion happenings, and fabulous things for you to peruse and buy.
Secondly, Sleuth is back on board to bring you all fabulous things Shopista! 
After a whirlwind few months including a divine wedding (and dress - more to come on that later!!), Sleuth is keen to kick-off 2012 with a bang!
And what better way to start a new year than with a closet cleanse? 
Sure celebrities have closets the size our houses alone, but this is no reason Shopista shouldn't build herself a glamourous hub from which to base her fashion adventures. Whether it be walk-in or built-in, every space can be made to feel uber-stylish with just a few quick tricks (see hangers below!) and a few space-saving purchases that will give your abode a tidy, clean and most importantly chic feel to it. 

So Shopistas, after you have drooled over the below celeb closets and taken inspiration for your own hanging space, check out some Sleuth must-haves to help create the ultimate Shopista closet!
As always...

Happy Shopping! x

New York Slick - Olivia Palermo in her dripping-with-designer closet

Queen of Fabulosity Kimora Lee Simmons in her 'humble' abode

Khloe & Kourtney Kardashian's fabulous dressing rooms - Sleuth could move in and die happy!

Tamara Mellon, aka Mrs Jimmy Choo's heel collection

The Queen of all Divas, Ms Mariah has ensured that her closet is nothing less than palatial!

The OTHER Hilton sister. Nicky shows how a trust fund is best indulged, with not a chihuahua in sight. Bless!

Racehl Zoe, you'd better Shut. The. Front. Door....Cause Shopistas the world over are about to come in and take everything!!

Kim K minus her 20.5 carats but with a whole lotta fur! 

Sleuth's purchases for refreshed closet chic - 

Should room allow, this gorgeous three-piece mirrored vanity suite will add glamour to any Shopista (walk-in!) closet! AUD $490 - BUY HERE

Protect your precious pieces while still able to relish in their sparkle with Freedom's Lucite Jewellery Box AUD $29.95 - BUY HERE
Pinklily earring holder, can hang up to 200 of your danglers AUD $69 - BUY HERE

Make sure your jewels don't get tangled with Pinklily's necklance holder AUD $55 - BUY HERE 

Store your heels in style and see which you'd like to wear with ease thanks to Pinklily's stacklable clear shoe boxes. AUD $5 each - BUY HERE

'Hangtastic' sums up Pinklily's belt hanger AUD $15 - BUY HERE  

One secret to a classy closet is, no matter the closet size, have uniform hangers. All the same, no deviation between wood, plastic and (god forbid) metal. 
Depending on how much room you have to hang, wooden hangers allow air flow through your clothes, helping to prevent wrinkles. Pack of 5 AUD $31.95 - BUY HERE

Still the candle that smells of ultimate luxury, a Diptyque burning while you get dressed will ensure a serene start to your day or evening, just don't forget to blow it out! AUD $99 - BUY HERE

Senior Sleuth always instilled the magic of a simple Silver Mint Julep Cup, filled with gorgeous flowers. Indeed it brings the magic of glamour to any room, especially Sleuth's shrine to fashion!
Shopistas can find these ranging in price on ebay and online, and remember, silver is a girl's best friend!

If you want to put a bit of growl in your closet, you can't go past these jewellery boxes, perfect for storing away accessories in style! Approx AUD $4.90 for 12 + shipping - BUY HERE

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