Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Carrie Diaries...Sleuth ponders the fabulousness of Carrie Jnr

Sex & The City fans & Shopistas globally are squealing with Manolo-baited excitement with the announcement of the SATC prequel, The Carrie Diaries.
While the book itself is certainly no Pulitzer page turner, it's the visual fashion feast that's in-store that's really getting Sleuth excited, alongside the fact that we can hear from our favourite foursome again, in an era that will be pre-Abu Dhabi and the intense mishap that was the second movie. 

As the storyline goes, the Carrie Diaries will focus on Carrie pre-Big, pre-Aidan, pre-Petrovsky, but fingers crossed it won't be pre-amazingly unobtainable designer wardrobe!  
If Sarah Jessica Parker has any say as Exec Producer of the new caper, Sleuth no doubt believes there will be plenty couture on hand to sater our hunger for the fabulous fashion that was the fifth 'character' in the original series.   
Gossip Girl has certainly helped fill the void, bringing us chic & hip NYC 'it-girl' style, but it's the Carrie fashion cred that will really set the expectation bar high for the new SATC-esque series. It will be interesting to see how they pre-date the series back to the 80's but still maintain fashion dignity, hopefully stylist-extraordinaire Patricia Field will be able to wave her magic wand and look beyond perms and stone-wash denim!
So what will Carrie Jnr wear on her adventures as a young journo in NYC? Sleuth has sourced some fab pieces to fill the gap until the series screens hopefully before he end of the year.

Happy Shopping! x

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Havana Print Silk-Satin Dress USD $600 - BUY HERE

Derek Lam Small Ume Bag AUD $883.65 - BUY HERE

Viktor & Rolf High Heel Bow Sandals AUD $853.87 - BUY HERE

3.1 Phillip Lim Leopard-Print Silk Bra USD $95 - BUY HERE

Stella McCartney Sam Partying Scalloped Silk Playsuit USD $195 - BUY HERE

Felix Rey Kissy Face Make Up Bag AUD $68 - BUY HERE

Miu Miu Crocodile-stamped patent-leather iPhone sleeve USD $150 - BUY HERE

Carrie wouldn't enjoy her Mochachino out of something as mundane as a normal coffee cup, there will definitely need some designer dust sprinkled! Jimmy Choo cup sleeve USD $165 - BUY HERE

Before Carrie's high-flying day she would surely have ventured into (gasp...) the Subway. Although her transit pass would have been nice and snug in this Tory Burch holder for that exact purpose. AUD $95 - BUY HERE

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