Saturday, 7 April 2012

Having an attack of the flats...

As we move out of the sun and back into trans-seasonal territory, Sleuth will be stocking up and having a flat attack of Imelda Marcos proportions this season. 
When the weather is looking gloomy, nothing is better than slipping on a pair of your favourite anti-4-inch flats, and easily maneuvering through the bustle of life, without having to worry about toppling to one's knees. 
Don't get Sleuth wrong, it's every woman's right to bare heels, however high and ankle-threatening they may be. Nothing makes a Shopista feel sexier and ready to take on the town than slipping on a pair of stilettos, instantly lengthening the calves and heightening the self confidence. 
The big 'but' here is that while heels are fabulous, so are flats - with the extra bonus of being comfortable as well. Designers have watched women over the years secretly stash a pair of flats under their desks, to be slipped on when no-one is looking. 
Even a scene in The Devil Wears Prada shows that even the most fabulous of the fashionistas working at Vogue are prone to kick off the old stilts and opt for a comfier pair of flats. 
Thankfully even the designer big-wigs are now embracing the revolution of the flats, providing us with a gorgeous array of fashionable flat options to go back with both summer and winter ensembles. 
Below is a selection of flats Sleuth will be lusting after this season to help encourage Shopistas to have their own attack of the flats!

Happy Shopping! x

See by Chloe Colourblock Flats AUD $236 - BUY HERE 

French Connection Compete Studded Flats AUD $99.95 - BUY HERE

Forever New Mara Glitter Flat AUD $39.99 - BUY HERE

Rachel Zoe Laura Chain Snakeskin Flats AUD $230 - BUY HERE

Jolie 'Nobel' Ballet Flats AUD $59.95 - BUY HERE

Christian Louboutin Patent Leather Bow Ballet Flats AUD $764 - BUY HERE 

Marc By Marc Jacobs Sling Back Glitter Flats AUD $217 - BUY HERE

Diane von Furstenberg Botswana Flats AUD $195 - BUY HERE

Portmans Two-Tone Leopard Ballet Flats AUD $69.95 - BUY HERE

Marc By Marc Jacobs Sling Back mouse Flats AUD $192 - BUY HERE

Sportsgirl Core Mary Jane Ballet Flat AUD $59.95 - BUY HERE

Forever New Dewie Slide On $69.99 - BUY HERE 

Vera Wang Lara Embossed Snake Ballet Flats AUD $171 - BUY HERE

Tory Burch Nappa Leather Riva Ballet Flats AUD $192 - BUY HERE 

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