Sunday, 8 April 2012

Non-calorie Easter Indulgence Of The Designer Kind....

Happy Easter Shopistas!
For those of you who are looking for other ways to treat yourself instead of the obligatory choc-attack this Easter (unless you love doing both like Sleuth!) what better way to indulge a Shopista's senses than with a mouth-watering selection of fabulous designer bags?
Often requiring a substantial investment from Shopista, the sheer delight of owning something as beautiful, versatile and statement-making as a designer bag somehow seems to help edge away the brutality of the price tag. 
Always remember though, if you are exceeding your normal budget, ensure that your purchase is indeed going to transcend seasons. While there are many fabulous 'IT' bags splashed across the glossy pages of Vogue each season, their shelf life is often less than that of a chocolate egg, so make sure you are investing in a piece that will work a multitude of ways and won't leave you feeling 'stale' after a month. 

Sleuth will now be using the fabulous Pinterest for some posts, so make sure you click the link below, and sign up to Pinterest if you haven't already - and indulge yourself this Easter with some serious designer eye candy!  

Happy Shopping! x

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