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The RSPCA - find your best accessory (and friend) for life!

Adopting a pet from the RSPCA or local animal shelter is more fashionable than Blake Lively (if that's possible!) and is the IT thing to be doing. However, rather than this just being a seasonal 'love' that is discarded after a few wears, this is a trend that we all need to keep going for a very long time!

Celebs are always keen to get onboard with charities close to their hearts, with Drew Barrymore, Oprah and Jen Aniston all welcoming pound puppies into their homes and giving them the love that dogs crave. Hopefully this will encourage the masses to do the same, rather than purchasing their animals from pet shops, where it is more than likely they have come from an unregulated puppy factory, where mums and pups are kept in pretty appalling conditions :(

Jen Aniston with her bestie - 13 year old adopted dog, Norman

Sleuth decided to jump on the bandwagon, and headed out to Yagoona RSPCA to see what pet adoption was all about. Due to over-crowding in their facilities, the RSPCA is currently offering ALL animals at 50% off their original price. Most dogs are originally around the $300 mark, and most cats around $160. There were also 'pocket pets' such as guinea pigs and rabbits for around $40 each. It's pretty heartbreaking walking along and seeing all those little faces peering out at you, wondering if you're going to be their new parent. 
While it may seem a bargain to get a new dog for only $150, Shopistas must remember that there will be further bills for the rest of the animal's life, so if you're not willing to part with some of your heel money, then you may be better off just window shopping with someone who will be able to commit. 
It's also not just money that needs to be considered. Animals are very needy beings, they love lots of attention and exercise. If you work non-stop, are never home or don't think you want something depending on you, adoption may not be up your alley. And always remember, if you are considering giving a pet as a gift, ensure that the receiver shares your passion for getting an animal. Unwanted pet presents are a huge problem for shelters and are easily avoided by ensuring the pet is wanted in the first place. 

Having said that, a pet companion is a wonderful thing and brings much joy and happiness, especially when you can give it a fabulous life it would otherwise not have had! 
What makes adopting a pet such an amazing experience? While your new Miu Miu's make your feet and wardrobe look fabulous, your pet will be there with you once your wardrobe doors close for the night and it's time to curl up on the sofa with a glass of merlot, prime time telly and the unconditional love of your new best friend.
As well as the RSPCA, Monika's Doggie Rescue also helps pups find new parents to love and care for them. Doggie Rescue has a 'no kill' policy, which means that dogs are rescued from death row at the pound and cared for at the facilities. This results in a lot of money being needed to help keep them running, so click HERE for further info about Doggie Rescue adoption and donations. 

To celebrate a successful trip to the RSPCA (wait to see Sleuth's surprise below!!), scroll down to see some of the happy little souls that are currently waiting to find a new family to love, and of course, some fab (pet) fashion as well....

Happy Shopping! x

Below - Oprah, Drew and Lauren Conrad are some of the fab celebs that have adopted their pups from the pound....

Meet some of Sleuth's fab friends currently at the RSPCA....

Scooby is a five year old boy who is an excitable & charming Labrador. Scooby loves meal time and is prone to also loving treats, so to keep him in trim shape he'll need lots of exercise and lots of love. Normally $300, Scooby's love and affection is now just $150. For more info VIEW HERE

Scooby will need a collar to accentuate his lovely golden tan and make him feel a bit like king of the roost with this lovely Bentley collar, from AUD $40 - BUY HERE

Love By Moschino's Structured Bag is the perfect Shopista accompaniment to Scooby's beautiful golden locks AUD $301 - BUY HERE


Zali is a fun-loving 2 year 7 month old Staffy cross. Zali is an active little girl, looking for lots of love and a new family who will shower her with attention and keep up with her playful nature! Normally $300, Zali can be your mate for life for just $150. For more info VIEW HERE

Zali will strut her stuff in this Trendy Paws pink diamante collar AUD $20 - BUY HERE

Pop out for milk with Zali and this bubbleicious Yves Saint Laurent patent zip wallet USD $380 - BUY HERE

Charlie is a spunky 1 year 3 month old Beagle cross, who is craving love and affection from a new home. Charlie is a sociable fellow and loves making friends, so if you already have a dog at home, Charlie would be more than happy to meet him and see if they can be buds for life. Normally $300, Charlie is now $150. To get further info on Charlie VIEW HERE

Charlie will love a bit of dashing plaid to go back with his lovely coat from AUD $16.50 - BUY HERE

Wear this classic Burberry trench while walking Charlie and look quite the pair! USD $1,095 - BUY HERE


Meet 'Harry', a 13 month old marmalade Prince who is looking for lots of cuddles, love and a friend for life. Harry is normally $160 but reduced to $80. For more info VIEW HERE

Harry will love chasing these faux fishies around at meal time! AUD $33 - BUY HERE

Unleash your inner flame with Karen Walker's 'Patsy' sunglasses AUD $178.40 - BUY HERE

Don't let Marge's retro name fool you, she is full of spunk and looking for a loving place to call her new home. Originally $160, this ball of fluff and cuddles is now just $80. For further info VIEW HERE 

Marge will love to snuggle up on this Eskimo Cuddler (when she's not snuggling with you that is!)   AUD $49 - BUY HERE

Marge's beautiful white fur will look very glam having diamonds run through it. If Cartier isn't quite in your budget, try Secrets' Metro Style Dress Ring for your dose of real-looking bling AUD $520 - BUY HERE 

Smokey is a very inquisitive little bunny, eager to make new friends, and steal your carrots! Smokey is looking for some loving friends, and is now $20 in the RSPCA half price drive. For further info VIEW HERE

Smokey will love chasing this snack ball around his abode! AUD $9.90 - BUY HERE

Get your own carrot fix with Yes To Carrots organics face care range, priced from AUD $4.95 - BUY HERE

So who did Sleuth go home with?
Buddy is a 12 month old staffy cross with a bubbly personality, lots of energy and eyes that will melt your heart!


Yummy yum yum yum AUD $95 - BUY HERE

Being man of the house sometimes requires manly things, like drinking beer. Lucky for Buddy, a dog beer has been created minus some of the ingredients (alcohol!) found in his best mate's version. AUD $5.50 for 375ml bottle - BUY HERE

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