Monday, 9 May 2011

FASHION WEEKEND - the perfect remedy for Wardrobe Fashion Flu

With winter well and truly on its way, it's time we start looking forward to hot chocolates, knee-high boots, the snuggish security of opaque tights and cosy winter coats.
However winter always has its downside, and one major epidemic that seems to take hold come May each year is the Wardrobe Fashion Flu.
Symptoms for WFF include feeling uninspired by dark colours, feeling bulky due to endless layers needed to ward off the chill, and feeling generally 'last season' with what's in your wardrobe. WFF isn't fatal, but it can lead to Shopistas feeling fashion lethargy that needs to be seen to immediately.

In the hunt for finding a cure, Sleuth suggested to the Australian Centre for Fashion Research the following cures -
* A European holiday. To put winter at bay, a Shopista should play....during Paris, London and Milan's summer season. Oh the fashion, oh the sunshine.....sigh!
* A good dose of Vuitton & Louboutin along with an injection of Prada to help ward off Winter Fashion Flu nasties.

While Sleuth would love to send all Shopistas to Europe to help ease their WFF, and with designer injections being quite pricey these days, unfortunately these first two recommendations are only available for a lucky few. What Sleuth CAN do is send you to the amazing playground of discounted designer fashion that is FASHION WEEKEND, the perfect remedy for WFF without breaking the bank or needing to renew your passport.

Shop Til You Drop's FASHION WEEKEND has become something of a yearly pilgrimage for Sydney Shopistas. With over 120 labels showing, FASHION WEEKEND is about providing Shopistas with a fantastic shopping experience, with all your favourite brands under the one roof selling off samples, excess stock and new designs well below the recommended retail price. Designers include Ginger & Smart, Lucette, Wayne Cooper, Hussy, Natasha, Samantha Wills, Fleur Wood, Peep Toe, Nicola Finetti and many more fabulous fashion mavens, whose wares would be the perfect cure for your bout of Wardrobe Fashion Flu.
Along with up to 70% off RRP on designer fashion, FASHION WEEKEND also has runway shows and luscious beauty once you have shopped your Shopista heart out, you can sit back and chillax at one of the hair, make-up, nail or brow bars, or even recoup at the wine bar with a chilled glass of Tempus Two vino.
Sounds like a pretty perfect Shopista day really!

FASHION WEEKEND runs from Thursday 12th - Sunday 15th May at the Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park. Tickets can be purchased at the door and online for $20 - but here's where being a SWLS Shopista really counts.....CLICK HERE and type in the special Shopista password fashion106 for $10 off the normal ticket price! So not only will you be curing your WFF with fabulous designer clothing for just a $10 entry'll be strutting your stuff in no time in your chic new looks.
For further info on FASHION WEEKEND click here, and Sleuth looks forward to seeing you indulge over the weekend!

Happy Happy Designer Shopping! x

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