Monday, 9 May 2011

SWLS QUICK BUY – Hot jeans for a hot price!

Denim is winter's best friend. Whether dressed up or down, in boots or out, old or new - denim has a place in every wardrobe as a fashion staple. Rather than just sticking with the traditional colour favourites of light blue, dark blue, black and white, Glasson's denim range has explored Shopistas' wild sides with animal prints, zips and a light fabrication that allows your skinny's to fit easily into your boots for a chic winter look. They also look fab when left long and lean with either stilettos or ballet flats, and feel light to wear while still keeping you nice and warm.

What's just as exciting as the selection? The price! All denim featured below is just $39.95 - so for the price (or not even!) of one pair of designer jeans you could bag yourself four different Glassons pairs and a myriad of different looks for the winter season.
A SWLS Shopista hot buy indeed!
For Glassons stores VIEW HERE, and of course...

Happy Shopping! x


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