Thursday, 9 June 2011

Getting down with Downton Abbey & the femininity of the 'English Rose'

Being glued to the television every Sunday night to tune into the new pre-war thriller/romance Downton Abbey has reignited Sleuth's love for the decadence of Art Deco pre-war fashion & jewels. 
From the turn of the twentieth century, right up to the beginning of the Second World War, there was a romanticism that encapsulated ladies fashion, particularly British aristocratic femmes, who's look helped pen the term of being an 'English Rose'.
There was a real femininity about the way ladies dressed, even if they were more 'modern lasses' who wore shirts and slacks (when riding of course!) 
But it was their evening wear and jewellery that really captured the essence of this era. Rather than hide the female form, which had been the trend for centuries before, beautiful form-hugging designs were embraced in beautiful, slinky silks, cut in such away that maintained full modesty, but showed that va va voom of a woman emerging out of the shadow of man, and ready to take on her biggest challenge yet during WW2.
Jewellery was elegant, sophisticated and just plain posh, with pearls, diamonds and intricate beading being the order of the day. Hopefully some Shopistas are even lucky enough to have a grandmother or relative who has kept their amazing vintage pieces, each one a memory from a time before iphones, laptops and 'Made In China'.
And while Sleuth can't be completely sure that generations to come won't be marvelling over hyper-colour underwear and fluoro coloured plastic bling, it can be thought with a fair amount of conviction that the 80's and 90's will certainly not be as cherished as classical fashion eras as seen through the early 1900's up until the world-changing (and fashion changing) Second World War.
So if you too relish in the sophisticated beauty of vintage jewellery, below are some modern pieces infused with the glamour from eras past.

Happy Shopping! x

Some of Sleuth's favourite 'English Rose' character heroines from 1912 through to the late 1930's, all gloriously sophisticated and fabulously fashionable!
From top - Michelle Dockery in Downton Abbey, Keira Knightley in THAT dress in Atonement, Kate Winslet in small budget Indie flick Titanic, and Kristin Scott Thomas in The English Patient.

Fit for dinner with the Duke, this divine Kenneth Jay Lane brooch is a keeper for generations to come USD $238 - BUY HERE

Adriana Orsini Crystal Pave Wide Bracelet AUD $346 - BUY HERE

Stone Set Delicate Stone Ring AUD $10.28 - BUY HERE

Carolee Two Row Pearl Choker USD $60 - BUY HERE

Ceek Square Art Deco clip-on earrings USD $75 - BUY HERE

Sleuth thinks Prince was singing about this number in his hit 'Diamonds and Pearls'! Marjorica 'Ruffle' Pearl & Cubic Zirconia Necklace AUD $687.06 - BUY HERE

Vintage Pearl & Rhinestone Studs AUD $10.28 - BUY HERE

Lulu Frost Quad Pearl Pipe Necklace AUD $356.07 - BUY HERE

Ostrich Feather Stretch Headband AUD $13.70 - BUY HERE

David Yurman Pearl & Silver Drop Earrings AUD $469.57 - BUY HERE

D&G C'est Chic Watch AUD $321.29 - BUY HERE

Juliet & Company Classic Long Pearl Necklace AUD $53.95 - BUY HERE

Pastel Cameo Cocktail Ring AUD $17.30 - BUY HERE

Adriana Orsini Crystal Drop Earrings $103.80 - BUY HERE

Lulu Frost Triple Concho Bracelet AUD $291.33 - BUY HERE

Origami Pleated Deco Clip On Earrings AUD $25.69 - BUY HERE

Adia Kibur Beaded Bib Necklace AUD $76.51 - BUY HERE

Vintage Style Leaf Stud Earrings AUD $10.28 - BUY HERE

Juliet & Company Poudre Noir Necklace AUD $70.63 - BUY HERE

Art Deco decadence with these Ca & Lou Black Onyx & Sterling Silver Earrings AUD $301.52 - BUY HERE

Oasis Pearl Ring AUD $13.70 - BUY HERE

Pastel Stones Tiered Drop Earrings AUD $30.83 - BUY HERE

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