Wednesday, 15 June 2011

SWLS HOME - Giving your abode that fashionable feeling!

Along with a passion for fashion, Sleuth's heart also lies at home, where creating yourself a stylish abode can be as satisfying as having a fabulous wardrobe. 
So enter SWLS HOME, where Sleuth will be providing commentary and links to fab decorating & homewares, helping you to create yourself a space that not only reflects your personality, but your fashionable style as well!
What better way to kick off SWLS HOME than by looking at the many fashion designers who have tapped into our love for having a vogue look both in our wardrobes and the rooms beyond, and who have created fabulous diffusion lines that add the sparkle of haute couture to spaces beyond our walk-ins.
Fashion-oriented homeware pioneers such as Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Missoni have been joined by the likes of Diane Von Furstenberg, Kate Spade and Marchesa, creating collections for the bedroom, kitchen and beyond. What's intriguing is that in many cases the designer home collections have actually become more desired and lucrative than the fashion itself, (Sleuth is waiting with baited breath for Missoni's home collection for US Target due September!) resulting in fashion designers taking on a cult following with their homewares, and allowing us to have super-stylish abodes in which to house our shoes, handbags, accessories, clothes.....and the rest of life's little possessions! 
Diane von Furstenberg's home collection - you can buy this whole setting for USD $680 - BUY HERE
So often, some simple bursts of colour, great patterns and a few key pieces of furniture can really brighten up a room, and you don't need to be a millionaire to achieve a fashionable look at home. 
A Sleuth fave is Diane von Furstenberg's home collection, which is an eclectic ensemble of mish-mashed prints and block colours, lending an incredibly funky look for a fairly affordable price. 
Below are some of Sleuth's picks for fab fashion-inspired homewares that will help make your home a fashionable haven that you'll love living in....

Happy Shopping! x

DVF Batik Floral Duvet USD $200-$300 (size dependent) - BUY HERE

DVF Island Clover flat sheet (USD $80-$110) BUY HERE with fitted sheet (USD $80-$110) BUY HERE and pillow cases (USD $80-$90) BUY HERE

Tommy Hilfiger sheet sets are on sale at Macy's. On sale from AUD $30 - $68 a set (including flat sheet, fitted sheet and two pillow cases) - BUY HERE

DVF Urban Jungle Duvet USD $200-$300 - BUY HERE

Donna Karan Knitted Throw USD $110 - BUY HERE

DVF Cut Out Applique Pillow USD $120 - BUY HERE

DVF Batik Dot Flat Sheet USD $80-$100 BUY HERE, Fitted Sheet USD $80-$100 BUY HERE & Pillow Cases USD $80-$90 - BUY HERE

Lauren by Ralph Lauren 'Lawton' Sheets USD $13 - $51.50 - BUY HERE

Ralph Lauren Home Cable Cashmere Throw AUD $593.04 - BUY HERE

DVF Rainbow Garden Sham USD $90-$100 - BUY HERE


Kate Spade 'Market Street Green' 4 piece place setting AUD $80.30 - BUY HERE

A serious Sleuth fave - DVF's Powerstone Flatware USD $60 per 5-piece set - BUY HERE

DVF Batik Floral Salad Plate USD $20 - BUY HERE

DVF Sandstone Drinkware 4 piece set USD $85 - BUY HERE

Kate Spade 'Cocktails Anyone?' Tidbits Plates (set of 4) AUD $49.84 - BUY HERE

DVF Black Wrap Round Charger USD $55 - BUY HERE

Kate Spade Larabee Road 5 piece setting AUD $139.50 - BUY HERE

DVF Rattan Wrap Napkin Rings USD $30 - BUY HERE

DVF High Rise Stemware USD $60 (set of 4) - BUY HERE

Marchesa by Lennox 'Palatial Garden' Accent Plate AUD $44.10 - BUY HERE

DVF Gold Leaf Wood Bowl with serving spoons USD $180 - BUY HERE

Marchesa by Lenox 'Painted Camellia' glass AUD $66.20 - BUY HERE

DVF Miro Flowers Serveware USD $60-$70 per piece - BUY HERE

Kate Spade 'Cocktails Anyone?' hors d'ouevres tray AUD $74.75 - BUY HERE

Kate Spade 'Two of a Kind' glasses AUD $49.84 - BUY HERE

DVF Night Collection Flatware - who says your table can't have bling!? USD $105 per 5-piece setting - BUY HERE


Missoni Home 'Astra' towel collection. Hand towel USD $24, Bath Towel USD $60 and Bath Mat USD $120 - BUY HERE

Betsey Johnson Loop Terry Robe on sale for AUD $43 - BUY HERE

Chanel Allure Bath Soap AUD $28.50 - BUY HERE

Lauren by Ralph Lauren 'Regent' Bath Towel AUD $22.10, Hand Towel AUD $17.60, Wash Towel AUD $8.80, Tubmat $30.90 and Bath Sheet AUD $44.10 - BUY HERE

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