Tuesday, 28 June 2011

SWLS HOME - enchanting your life with candles

There are many small but significant things that can help a Shopista change her home from merely a 'hangout space' to a place where she loves to conduct her life - from living, sleeping and eating, to entertaining with friends and family. Candles are at the top of Sleuth's list for instantly changing the ambiance of a room, helping create an atmosphere that is inviting to both live and entertain in.   
From the glorious aroma that many scented candles now possess to the gorgeous flickering of a naked flame, a candle instantly brings a feeling of chic sophistication to a room, and of course to the owner herself!
From using candles as a decorating tool (love one atop a pile of books!) to a beautifully laid table for dinner with candles creating the mood, a flickering flame in a gorgeous holder helps make all the stylish difference. Even something as simple as turning out the bathroom lights and showering by candlelight can bring a completely different dimension to one of life's regular occurrences, and help reinvigorate a Shopista (after a long day or before she hits the town!)
The other fab thing about candles is that they are basically a fool-proof gift. Birthdays, engagements and even those times when you just want to show someone you care, candles are the perfect gift for the stylish Shopista. 

Below is a selection of gorgeous flame-burners, ready to bring both style and sophistication to your life & abode.

Happy Shopping! x

Diptyque Bailes Candle AUD $89 - BUY HERE

One of Sleuth's all-time favourite scents! Seda France 'Japanese Quince' AUD $29 - BUY HERE

MOR Essentials Sugar Rose Tiger Lily Fragrant Candle AUD $19.95 - BUY HERE 

Votivo Dalian Red Currant Candle USD $40 - BUY HERE

Voluspa Pink Citron Classic Candle USD $27 - BUY HERE

Glasshouse 'Caracas' Frangipani Candle AUD $36.95 - BUY HERE

Trump Wild Jasmine & Kiwi Fruit Large Candle USD $44 - BUY HERE

Tocca Cleopatra Candle (Grapefruit Cucumber) USD $38 - BUY HERE

Voluspa Laguna 2-Wick Tin Candle USD $16 - BUY HERE

Dayna Decker White Tuberose Candle USD $64 - BUY HERE

Jo Malone Amber & Sweet Orange Home Candle AUD $105 - BUY HERE

Ortigia Ambra Nera Scented Square Candle AUD $72 - BUY HERE

Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Luxury Candle AUD $645 - BUY HERE

Ortigia Lavanda Scented Cone Candles AUD $63 - BUY HERE

Diptyque 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Candle AUD $125 - BUY HERE

Glasshouse 'Manhattan' is a Sleuth fave! AUD $36.95 - BUY HERE

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