Monday, 25 July 2011

What to wear....on the first date

There are many events in a Shopista's life that can get her into a fashionable tizz. Sleuth has covered off what to wear to a wedding and the weekend away, and now with the launch of the First Date Friendly concept by group buying website OurDeal, it's time to touch on the ever debatable wardrobe question, what to wear on a first date.
Many Shopistas get caught in the grey area, to dress up or not to dress up? That is the question. Over the years Shopistas have read pages and pages in ladies/gossip/mens magazines that guys love a lady to dress to impress, but not overdo it. This is often a fine line to tow as many Shopistas want to feel their best when going out on a date, which was once eloquently described in Sex And The City as 'a job interview with cocktails'. 

Ensuring you look your best without appearing too high maintenance is key, as the one thing that confuses men more than beauty regimes is fashion. So if you love getting quirky with your look, it's often a good idea to leave the peacock feather hat at home on the first date. By no means does this mean you shouldn't be yourself or feel comfortable in how you dress, it just means that sometimes really outlandish outfits can be a little scary for a guy, unless he likes wearing the same garb as well! 
This often leaves Shopista wondering what is appropriate for said date, depending on the activity and venue in which they are dining. Gaining prior knowledge of where you'll be dining will mean you'll have a fair idea of dress code, and also mean Shopista won't wind up wearing jeans in a 5 star establishment or a mini and fishnet tights while bowling with burgers. 

Using some of the fab dates available to purchase at, Sleuth has covered off some fool-proof dating gear that will have ShopMista smitten, and leave Shopista feeling fashionable, confident and ready for round two!
OurDeal's First Date Friendly deals will be rotating and are available to purchase from 25th-31st July - VIEW HERE

Happy Shopping! x

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Capital Grill - Located at Circular Quay in Sydney, CG is the perfect after-work date venue. What better way to get to know someone than over a Clandestine Tryst cocktail while enjoying Zak Sykes's delicious gourmet fare - First Date Friendly deal of $49 for $100 value -
  What to wear - A date after work poses a couple of problems - mainly, how to take your look from desk to dinner? Simple. Every Shopista should have an outfit of Desk-to-Date validity, as you never know when it's going to be needed! A gorgeous print can work easily from day to date, just add some sassy heels and a bit of bling, spritz a fragrance and you'll have him wondering how he managed to wine and dine this fab fashonista!

Cue's Print Dress is a perfect Desk-to-Dinner wardrobe addition AUD $239 - VIEW HERE

Pair your cute Cue dress back with this man-magnet Boyfriend Jacket by Malene Birger approx AUD $356.12 - BUY HERE

Add a bit of glam to your look after 5pm with this Gorjana Parker Leather Wrap Bracelet AUD $47.01 - BUY HERE
Halt heels from Wittner are prefect for desk to dinner situations and a great staple she for your wardrobe AUD $149.95 - BUY HERE

Come 5pm, spritz some refreshingly feminine Daisy by Marc Jacobs 50ml AUD $91.50 - BUY HERE

The Lobster Cave in Melbourne is your one stop shop for succulent seafood and savvy wines. This is fine dining with a fun yet sophisticated vibe, so dress trendy mixed back with splash of eclecticism. Black is always a safe and sexy option, and mixed back with some colour-pop accessories will have you looking svelt and smokin'!
You can enjoy a first date (or fifth) at The Lobster Cave with this great offer of $49 for $100 value - BUY HERE

Rick Owens Long-Sleeved Jersey Dress USD $555 - BUY HERE

Topshop Black Faux Snakeskin Suede Biker Jacket approx AUD $240 - BUY HERE

Miguel Ases Blue Quartz Swarovski Earrings AUD $209.15 - BUY HERE

Putting some pop into the mix - Michael Kors Leather Clutch USD $395 - BUY HERE

Thierry Mugler's Alien fragrance series is sophisticated without being suffocating - lending its wearing an air of mystery, and perfect for a first date! 30ml AUD $66.50 - BUY HERE

Cognito in Perth is casual fine dining - so the perfect setting for a weekend date or setting an unpretentious atmosphere for you to get to know one another. For more casual dining, adopt a more relaxed look, while still maintaining an air of sophistication - you want this guy thinking he's got a real catch on his hands! Enjoy two entrees and two mains along with a bottle of WA's finest for just $79 for two - ooh la la! BUY HERE 

Showing a bit of skin will get him guessing, while keeping your look sophisticated with this Sportsgirl Stripe Cut-Out Top AUD $59.95 - BUY HERE

Witchery Zip Detail Relaxed Pant AUD $129.95 - BUY HERE

Add a bit of height with Witchery's Winnie High Heel AUD $169.95 - BUY HERE

Kenneth Jay Lane textured hoops for a bit of bling AUD $34.54 - BUY HERE

ASOS Multi-Zip Horse Clutch AUD $51.38 - BUY HERE

A spritz of the musky Gucci Guilty will definitely add some allure 50ml AUD $81.50 - BUY HERE

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