Monday, 21 March 2011

ALL HAIL McQUEEN – for under $40

What better way to kick off a shopping blog than with the amazing Knuckle Box Clutch by the late (and amazingly great), Alexander McQueen.
But before you scoff at my proposal of you spending $2,195 on this piece of amazing clutch couture, thanks to our friends at Collette Accessories (, this gorgeous clutch can be yours for $39.95 – that’s right, I haven’t misplaced a decimal point, this fabulous replica can be sitting on your fingers for under forty dollars!
Available in both black (with gold trim) and pewter, this is a trans-seasonal must have for your right hand while holding a cocktail in your left. 

The fabulous Colette Accessories clutch - just $39.95

Some of the original McQueen Box Clutch masterpieces

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