Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Ferragamo Fabulous....

If you keep up with fashion in the Northern Hemisphere, you'll have seen Ferragamo's hot summer sandals, perfect for their impending season of fun in the sun.
For us mere southern mortals however, winter is looming....and while I'm counting down the sleeps 'til I can crack out my new suede 'n' studded knee-high boots, there is still a yearning for that special summer feeling of a fresh pedicure, presented in an even fresher looking pair of designer sandals.

If Ferragamo is a little beyond reach, check out these little hotties SWLS Sleuth found at Rubi Shoes. 
Ahhh Rubi, little sister brand to much-loved Cotton On and Typo (both of whom will be receiving ample coverage in this blog for their fast and fabulous fashion & stationary respectively!)

Rubi has emerged as another little shopping gem, perhaps not quite up to speed yet in the jewellery stakes, but a great stop-off if you're looking for a quick and fashionable foot-fix without breaking into the princess fund.

These Ferragamo-esque sandals are actually on sale for a whole $20 - that's right, add another zero and perhaps a few more hundreds and that's how much the originals will set you back, so not too bad for a sneaky little end-of-season purchase! You'll have to hurry in to Rubi though, as sizing will get more and more limited as fashion revelers and our very own Shopistas see the great offers currently in-store.

x Happy Shopping!

Salute this (next for us!) summer's Salvatore....
Rubi's canvas summer sandal - divine with a splash of orange toe polish.....

and brown faux leather with brass finishing - for stores - Rubi Shoes

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