Monday, 21 March 2011

A little about She Who Loves Shopping (SWLS).....

After a decade in the ragtrader industry, I’ve run the ‘mill’ and worked with all types of clothing & accessory brands. From high-end designer, to mid-weight fashion, to cheaper-than-chips clothing with a fashionable edge.
There is much to be said about fashion, particularly the dreamy kind of fashion from designers that often have price tags likened to a yearly electricity bill. But what about the amazing clothing, accessories and shoes that are now affordable & available both on our shores and on the web, and are yet still unknown to my sister shopistas?  There is so much out there within reach, sometimes you just need to know where to look, or dig a bit deeper – which is where I come in as your SWLS sleuth!
This won’t be a blog about ‘bargain buys’, (although they’ll be in there thick & strong), rather it will be showing you great purchases you can make on a variety of budgets, so that you too can feel great about what you wear. 
A strong wardrobe is about investing in key pieces, and mixing them back with some great bargain buys (that have the look of high-end designer!) so that you have a rounded look for each season without breaking the bank. I’ll also be looking at the monthly glossies from around the globe to see what insights they can bestow on our search for the perfect look.
Having been a fashion insider for so long, I’ll also bring you tips and tricks on how to bargain hunt without the risk of losing teeth at the next Ginger & Smart sample sale (mind you, they are so fab, you might want to consider investing in a mouthguard…)
The amount of comments I receive on great pieces I have picked up for an even greater price has lead me to want to share my secrets. So armed with my (Kate-Spade-clad) Iphone camera, this SWLS sleuth is going to take the hard work out of the fashion trawl, and bring you amazing fashion finds that I think are worthy of our admiration!
If you are a fellow shopista, I hope you enjoy my posts about all things fashion, and please feel free to contact me with feedback and suggestions, as you may have a little fashion nugget of gold you want to share with your fellow shopping comrades!
Happy purchasing!
x Lauren

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