Friday, 25 March 2011

A COTTON HERMES? Let the Shopista stampede begin!

Poor plastic, it’s been on the out for some time now. With Adelaide about to charge for all plastic bags, and most of us waiting for the kitchen cupboard to explode with the green enviro bags we have stored up (and yet ALWAYS forget to take it to the supermarket!), in steps another green-yet-chic bag to get our pulses racing and set our minds at ease for the environment.

Now I would never tend to promote ‘anti-status’, as lets face it, a SWLS Shopista is someone who loves to make gorgeous purchases, and stand out in a crowd.
However my latest crave turns 'status' on its head, as being aptly dubbed the ‘anti-status’ bag, it does anything but shy away from attention.

This season’s shopping hottie is the ‘anti-status’ Together bag by Thursday-Friday. 
Rather than fork out $8,000-plus for an original Hermes bag (the ultimate Powerball purchase!!), SWLS Shopistas can have the new trend look for just $59 ($69 for the limited edition fuchsia colour). 
This isn’t the first quirky cotton bag that has had Shopistas the world over salivating at the mere sight of it, if you remember a few seasons back to the ‘I’m Not A Plastic Bag’ (designed by bag queen Anya Hindmarch) which had us all swinging our grocery purchases proudly from side to side – and who could forget the Michelle Obama Mighty Shopper, introduced post-inauguration, this bag was an international sell-out… and as the proud owner of one, who wouldn’t want to be the First Lady Of Fabulous!?

A personal favourite, website is taking pre-orders for end April delivery, so get your skates on my fellow Shopistas, and I look forward to seeing you in the grocery isles looking very 'Together'!

x Happy Shopping

The Thursday-Friday Together Bag - available in a range of colours from

Anya Hindmarch's 'I'm Not A Plastic Bag'

The Michelle Obama Mighty Shopper - available at Boutique Fabulous

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