Monday, 21 March 2011

Getting 'visionary' with online shopping...(and cheaper designer sunnies)

We are in a new era of shopping ladies. Once upon a time we’d hit the streets looking for instant retail gratification, searching for the perfect purchase, our hard-earned cash literally burning holes through our Miu Miu purses.
My, how times have changed! No longer is said purchase tried on, instantly rung up at the register, swathed in tissue and escorted from the store by yours truly…..
Instead, the real hunt begins.
The Internet has become a Shopista’s best friend. We’re now able to compare prices both locally and internationally, check out different colours and variations, and even get our size that was no longer available in-store.
So rather than listening to your pinching toes and instead to the store assistant and going down half a size because you HAVE TO HAVE those heels, you’re now able to have the RIGHT size (aka they’ll we worn more than once!) shipped to your doorstep with just the click of a few computer keys and the deliverance of your credit card number (memorised, of course!)
I recently fell for a gorgeous pair of Dior sunglasses, and instead of basking in the compliments of the store staff and sliding my card discreetly across the counter, I bottled all my inner ‘your-life-is-not-complete-without-these-sunnies’ thoughts, and headed home to surf the online shopping mecca.
And wow, did it produce! is an international site with an Australian home page that deals in hundreds of designer prescription glasses and sunglasses. Their mission statement is to provide 100% authentic designer sunnies for much less than the recommended retail. So rather than paying $550 which is what the store had been asking, I paid $230 for my ‘can’t-live-without’ Dior’s.
And while some ‘designer’ sites often only stock the raggy end of last season’s collection that stores couldn’t sell, VD has many of the latest & more recent collections from a myriad of designers - from Tom Ford, Dior, Fendi, Gucci & Prada to Ray Ban, Bvlgari,  YSL, Cavalli and so many more….
Admittedly, I had ordered around Christmas so what would usually take 2 weeks ended up being nearly a month for delivery – however when you are looking at halving costs, a little bit of waiting never hurt, it merely makes you love the postman even more when he delivers!
Happy shopping x
p.s. Shopistas, peek below for some pics off the vision direct website x

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