Friday, 15 April 2011

The countdown is on...Zara opening in 5,4,3,2.....

Ladies, start revving those credit card engines!
We've waited with baited breath, been teased over the years with promises of a local Zara opening, and delved into the OS Zara chains like hungry fash-pack hounds, a purchase from the big Z often deemed more important than the business meeting one was sent overseas for in the first place.
And now here we are, in the very final stages of claiming a slice of this delectable fashion pie as our own, with Zara Westfield Sydney dues to open in FIVE DAYS! 

SWLS Sleuth can hardly believe the big day is nearly here, with sleeps being counted down like Christmas and the purchasing strategy come 9am Wednesday 20th April well under way.
Having just had a peek at the site, SWLS Sleuth can excitedly inform you that some hoarding has come down, the Zara logo is up, and there are BOXES BEING UNPACKED (the use of  CAPS often alludes to the writer yelling, and in this case, I can hardly contain it!)
That's right, the mannequins are being lined up, there are garments already on racks, and there are ladies swishing about inside, helping to turn what is still a (good-looking) construction site into the mecca of our dreams (AND MORE!)

One of the things SWLS Sleuth is most curious to see is the product selection as a whole, compared with our European fashionista sistas. Having been to Zara Hong Kong, Sleuth was a little disappointed, not only for the fact that they were all itty-bitty sizes (understandable with the local clientele, somewhat annoying though for the blood-hound tourists!) as well as the selection not being up to speed with the Northern end of the globe. 
There will always be seasonal difficulties for those of us downunder and surrounds, but hopefully we'll still be able to access the true Zara product that has made this brand such a global phenomenon - hot fashion looks inspired by runway & couture, modified for high-street wear and available at an affordable price.

With next Wednesday the official open day, Sleuth recommends if you're going to hit the store, try and get in as early as possible and miss the lunch-time crowd (which is sure to be manic and desperate for a fashion hit) and with Thursday night late-night shopping, Sleuth predicts this to be another hectic time to go, but hey, it's likely that this is one store that will never be sleepy!
SWLS will be bringing you an on-scene report Wednesday - so be ready to crash-tackle for your size and enjoy the experience that is ZaaaaaaRaaaaaaa (insert heavenly music HERE!)

Happy Shopping! x

Gimme a Z, gimme an A, gimme a Z, another A....what's that spell? MAXED CREDIT CARD!

Sleuth spies....RACKS!! and BOXES!

More boxes, more excitement - what's inside!? The countdown is on for Wednesday when we'll all find out!

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