Monday, 18 April 2011

So THIS is why we love strawberries - they mean discounted designer fragrances & cosmetics!

Nothing is quite as personal & individual as the fragrance you wear. Whether you're feeling sexy, happy, sultry, high-fashion or anything in between, there is a scent that will reflect your mood, and project a certain 'aura' to those that bask in your ambiance. 
However the days of owning just one fragrance and wearing it day in and day out are all but over. With fashion houses, celebrities, sports stars and even the Titanic (no joke, see below) bringing out their own signature scents, it's hard enough to commit to one fragrance for each day of the week, let alone one for the rest of your life!
Sleuth loves a new scent like a new pair of boots - something refreshing for the new season that will heighten your senses and give your day a real lift.
With so many fabulous scents now available, what could make your collection of fragrances even sweeter? Getting them at well-below recommended retail price, that's what! has emerged as a serious player in the luxury fragrance & cosmetics game, offering a HUGE range of designer scents, skin-care and make-up at prices up to 50% less than the Recommended Retail Price (RRP). 
While Sleuth encourages Shopistas to still shop the brick-and-mortar stores to keep our local retail economy chugging along, if like me you have a penchant for the latest and greatest perfumes from around the globe - this website is the answer to your sweet-smelling dreams!
And with no shipping charges on make-up or skin-care, and very minimal shipping for perfumes, this is one website that needs to be tagged in 'favourites' STAT!
Below are some of the latest scents to hit the market, so it makes sense to jump online and check out the fab designer savings available now!

Happy Shopping! x

GUCCI GUILTY - one of Sleuth's personal favourites - BUY HERE

30ml RRP - $89 - SN PRICE = $67.50
50ml RRP - $114 - SN PRICE = $83.50
75ml RRP - $149 - SN PRICE =
CHLOE LOVE - Sleuth loves this new fragrance too! BUY HERE
50ml RRP - $130 - SN PRICE = $103
75ml RRP - $170 - SN PRICE = 
Oooh pretty flowers! The new spritz in the MARC JACOBS 'DAISY' range - love the light, fresh feeling! BUY HERE
75ml RRP - $115 - SN PRICE = $78
125ml RRP - $145 - SN PRICE = $93.50

Blissful Balenciaga - BUY HERE
30ml RRP - $95 - SN PRICE = $71
50ml RRP - $145 - SN PRICE = $90.50
75ml RRP - $175 - SN PRICE = $123

Put some prep in your step with Vera's sassy new scent - BUY HERE

100ml RRP - $79 - SN PRICE = $76


On a side note - below is a recent find on a trip to NZ - 'Titanic' eau de toilette.
For those special moments when you want to smell like a sinking ship.....

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