Saturday, 30 April 2011

KATE THE GREAT - get her look

Well, with a waiting mass of 2 billion people all prying to see her frock, Kate Middleton pulled off the almost impossible and rocked Westminster Abbey in a fabulous Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen wedding gown.
Finding inspiration from Sleuth’s all-time favourite Royal bride, Grace Kelly, the new Duchess of Cambridge evoked classic elegance while still looking the modern bride, and drew gasps when she emerged from her Phantom chariot to the applaud of thousands.
It also takes a brave & confidant bride to allow her chief attendant to look as hot as Pippa did. The younger Middleton drew applause, not only with how spectacular she looked (no 80's puff sleeves here), but also for having broken the traditional rule of not wearing the same colour as the bride. 
But it worked, and they looked the beautiful pair, one being escorted to her life in Royalty, and the other being escorted to what is sure to be a life of high social status, magazine covers and rich partners (Pippa that is...!)

So now the replica game begins. Sleuth pities any bride who may have been thinking along these lines prior to Kate's grand entrance, as replicas will be a dime-a-dozen from here on out. 
While seamstresses the world over madly dash to replicate the dress of the century, thanks to, below is a collection of gowns that have a flavour of Kate the Great, so you too can feel like a princess bride.....

Happy Shopping! x

Kate in her stunning McQueen gown, looking every part the Royal bride. Sleuth was a little disappointed with the bouquet, feeling it could have had a little more grandeur to add to the vintage glamour of the gown...

Image - EPA (L), Sipa Press/Rex Features (R)

Comparisons with the Queen of Brides, Grace Kelly - not a bad comparison to be had Sleuth thinks!

Image - AP Television News

Wow, what a predicament to find one's self in. Which priceless tiara shall one wear on the big day? 
The chosen number? The Queen's 'Halo' Cartier tiara, a 1936 family heirloom & given to her by her parents for her 18th birthday.

Image - Reuters (L) / Getty Images (R)

Pippa performing her duties & looking simply stunning, the cowl neck and gorgeous button detailing screams upperp class, and will hopefully spawn a new tradition in chic bridesmaids wear. 

Oh to be a Royal bride....

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