Friday, 1 April 2011

Shopista SNAP!

Is your mission in life to have a walk-in wardrobe adorned with red soles aka Christian Louboutin? Me too!

If you’re not quite there yet though (or waiting for your Powerball numbers to come through), then check out these gorgeous shoes ‘inspired’ by Mr Louboutin’s fabulous footwear!
If your heart was set on the Canonita 100mm, priced at US$995 (and sold out world wide)...never fear, Nine West is here!

Their gorgeous rendition priced at $189 will definitely help mop up any tears shed over Canonita's sell-out!

Happy Shopping x
Christian Louboutin's Canonita 100mm - serious SWLS Shopista crush!

Nine West's 'Exposure' - these heels were made for struttin'!!! AUD$189

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